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The Hospitality and Tourism Association of Swaziland (HOTAS) – which was formerly known as the Hotel’s & Tourism Association, is the recognised tourism industry body in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  HOTAS is a private sector organisation that interacts with the Swaziland Government and other stakeholders to ensure the development and marketing of the country.

Swazi Trails has been a member of HOTAS since 1987, with our management filling various posts on the Executive Committee from time to time.

In 2012 HOTAS formed a sub-committee to represent Tourism Transport Operators (TTO) at the National Transport Council. This committee is now the officially recognised body representing all transport operators that work primarily in the tourism industry. The TTO has set a number of minimum requirements for membership to ensure a level of quality service within the tourism sector.

Swazi Trails is a Founder Member of the TTO and Managing Director Darron Raw served as its inaugural Chairman. He is currently the Treasurer of the sub-committee.

African Paddling Association (APA) logo

The African Paddling Association (APA), is the industry representative body for all paddling, tubing and rafting operators in Southern Africa. The organisation is largely made up of South African companies, where local legislation requires the national registration of all tourism guides and requires certain standards of operation in tourism sectors such as white-water rafting.

Swazi Trails was a founder member of the inaugural industry body – SARA in the early 1990’s and has been a fully paid up member consistently since then, through all its various reincarnations.  The company has contributed to the development of APA’s operating standards at various points in time.

Whilst there is no legislation in Swaziland setting operating standards for adventure activities such as rafting, Swazi Trails has taken it upon itself to bench-mark its activities off the standards set in South Africa.

The sound principles of operation that have been laid down by APA over the years have assisted to clean up the image of white-water rafting industry, such that deaths or drownings have become a rarity and the participants can be assured of a level of professionalism that mitigates well against the risks associated with river usage.

Swazi Trails has adopted most APA protocols into its Standard Operating Procedures and makes use of APA training instructors for its guides.


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