Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle Centre

Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle Centre is an outdoor space, encompassing restaurants, coffee shops and cultural gift stores, all under the shade of our giant rubber tree. Occupying the old original historic farmhouse, which in its day was the only residence in the entire Mantenga area Valley, the building is still a monument to the old classic ‘Cape Dutch’ gabled architecture. Now a century later, this farmhouse is home to a vibrant community of skilled entrepreneurs who work together to create a lively and yet serene atmosphere.

Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle Centre is an ideal stop for self-drive travellers and tour coaches, as it offers extensive parking and clean toilets right in the Ezulwini Valley. Situated 100 metres from Legends Backpacker Lodge and 300 meters away from Mantenga Lodge, which specializes in coach group lunches and accommodation, the centre is easy to find and at a convenient walking distance for all visitors. Whether just passing through and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, to book an adventure activity or out to gain a Swazi cultural experience, Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle will provide a warm and friendly experience for all guests.

The entrepreneurs that line this outdoor food court are always hard at work to supply customers with unique and customized mementoes and provide an interactive experience that goes beyond mere craft shopping.

Express Jewellers and Goldsmiths, a long standing store in the Mantenga area. Here you can find customizable and unique jewelry pieces that are all hand made in-store. Express Jewellers specialize in sterling silver and 9 carat gold as well as giraffe and elephant tail hair, making all of their products superior in quality and beauty.

Benguni Handicraft, where you can find everything you would hope to find in a Swazi market in one store. This seasoned store offers a variety of goods and brings to life the Swazi entrepreneurial spirit. Artists from all over Swaziland bring their products to the store to be sold to customers who would like to take a little piece of Swaziland home with them. Benguni Handicraft is the perfect place to find memorabilia or gifts for loved ones.

Rainbow Angels, where you can find a unique, modern take on Swazi art. The store exhibits unique, wooden sculptures and pieces all designed and created by Acan, the storeowner. Rainbow Angels also boasts the ability to do customizable designs.

Masaai Craft, founded by husband and wife, Daniel and Thandeka. Daniel being Tanzanian and Thandeka being Swazi have been able to develop a unique collaboration of cultures. Walking through the store one can see sculptures and paintings depicting influences from both the Swazi and Masaai culture. All products are made by Daniel, Thandeka or their children.

Kudvumisa Creative, an offset of Kudvumisa Foundation, a nonprofit with the aim of providing quality healthcare and empowering the disenfranchised in Swaziland. All products sold in the store are made as part of the Foundation’s economic development program and sold in order to provide mobile health care units and health outreach programs around Swaziland. The store boasts skillfully made clothing and accessories made by the men and women that the Foundation supports. Fun fact: Kudvumisa Creative’s glass spoon holders are made out of recycled wine bottles from their neighbor stall, The Wine Boutique.

ArTea Tree provides the perfect combination of artistic merchandise and culinary delicacy. All merchandise sold here is unique and purposeful. There is also a variety of delicious light and healthy lunch or desert options to eat outside whilst basking in the sun. The ArTea Tree is available for special events to those who would like to get their creative juices flowing and also serves vegetarian and pre-cooked takeaway home meals.

Pizza Vesuvio, the best place to go in Swaziland to find traditional Italian food. The restaurant specializes in traditional Neapolitan wood fired pizza as well as hand made pasta and gnocchi.

The Wine Boutique, who offer an outlet for unique wines that you are unlikely to find on other shelves locally. This vendor provides the ideal excuse to pull up a chair, pop a cork and relax under the Mantenga BIG tree.

 Eswatini Coffee, one of the only coffee roasters in Swaziland, is guaranteed to bring delight to your mornings. With emphasis on high quality but affordable coffee, Eswatini’s goal is to provide accessible coffee to local people whilst maintaining the coffee’s excellence All the coffee is roasted, grinded and packaged in-store, so stop by and buy yourself a bag.

Swazi Trails, who are Swaziland’s leading tour and adventure operator. Most tours and activities offered depart directly from the centre, with rafting, caving and MTB’ing being 3 of the most popular. Bicycles are also available to rent.


Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle is open between 7am and 7pm everyday, for most vendors and until 10pm for the food-orientated shops, so come stop by and enjoy the experience!!

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