Adventure Caving

Caving with Swazi TrailsAdventure Caving is another of Swaziland’s top adventure activities. In fact, Swazi Trails, are the originators of the concept of “Adventure Caving” globally, having been the first to coin the phrase back in 1999, when this activity was initially launched in Swaziland’s Gobholo Cave.

What is Adventure Caving? This activity fits somewhere between a cave tour, the type you pay an entry fee at the door for and then follow the cement steps onwards, and a speleological club expedition, which is only really accessible to trained and experienced members. Guided Adventure Caving trips make use of specific gear and equipment and requires plenty of physical effort, but it doesn’t require prior experience or special skills. There aren’t any railing, steps, or emergency lighting – this is the REAL thing, its NOT “soft adventure” – this is about as close to the edge as commercial activities can go.

Our trips are run twice daily – morning and evening, with variations possible by prior request. Trips take approximately 4-5 hours, whilst our evening departure includes dinner and a swim in a hot natural spring.

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