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April 4, 2011 Comments Off on Blind-folded Quad-biking News, Quad (ATV) Trails, Team Building

Blind-folded Quad-biking

Teambuilding in Swaziland

Teambuilding in Swaziland We’ve been aware of the use of quad-bikes and the blind-folded riding of quad bikes for team-building purposes for quite some time now… but for whatever reason we’ve never needed to use our fleet of Suzuki’s for this purposes. That was until last week.

And “WOW!” – let us tell you, from a facilitation perspective we were quite blown away by its impact. The intensity of this exercise was something to behold.  Ok – in typical Swazi Trails style, we didn’t exactly do this on a flat field, which added real meaning to levels of responsibility required. Our course went up and down curbs, around trees, along banks and between various obstacles.

The original brief was for a programme of practical activities that would assist in the analysis of communication, listening, feedback and trust in this high pressure corporate team from a global business. We tackled a number of exercises on Day 1, then finished off with the quad challenge on closure of Day 2.  By this late stage the team in question was already well psyched up, and just as well, because a real NO FEAR attitude was essential.

To say clear communication was needed is an understatement, to skip out the value of listening and feedback would be criminal and to not witness the depth of trust needed for success in this challenge, would be a missed opportunity to get misty eyes. We were pretty blown away… and we were just facilitating it… not doing or feeling it… every instruction, caution, encouragement and laugh.

Suffice to say: Swazi Trails will be building on this theme and offering a lot more quad-based team-building in the future.

Further images can be accessed via our flickr image site: blind-folded team-building with quads.

Background: Swazi Trails offer quad-bike, or ATV, trails on a daily basis from a base at the Royal Swazi Spa in Ezulwini. Typical trails are either one or two hours and follow a purpose-cut track in a semi-forested area adjacent to the hotel. For team-building purposes, this fleet of quads can be used either at the hotel, or any other venue with suitable space. The quads can be trailer-transported to any where within Swaziland.




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