Canopy Tour Swaziland

Experience this breath-taking Swaziland Canopy Tour at Malolotja Nature Reserve.  Canopy Tour Swaziland is available on a daily basis.  This 3-4 hour adventure activity is suitable for both young and old and is available daily throughout the year.  The Canopy Tour Swaziland is bookable online via our e-tourism website.  Tree-top canopy tours provide an opportunity to combine adrenaline with appreciation of the natural environment. It is a great family group activity.

Zipping between platforms near the tops of trees and criss-crossing a gorge from cliff-face to cliff-face, is an experience that cannot be achieved in any way other than on a canopy tour. Known otherwise as zip lines, cable-ways, tree top tours or cable tours, a canopy tour involves using a harness system to attach yourself to a tightly stretched cable that links numerous wooden platforms.

Under the careful guidance of canopy tour guides you guide effortlessly from platform to platform.  The entire procedure is very well controlled and at no time are you exposed to any danger or unnecessary risk. Participants are clipped into safety lines at all times, and although braking (to reduce speed) is done manually by the individual, back-up safety systems are in place to slow down those who may need assistance.

Canopy Tour Swaziland online booking

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