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Swaziland is well known for its vibrant and interesting culture.  The best way to appreciate this is through undertaking guided cultural tours that reveal all its subtleties. Cultural tours are available on a daily basis from Swazi Trails, whose guides are all local Swazi nationals and whose understanding and appreciation of Swazi culture is ingrained.

Swazi Trails cultural tours depart from the Ezulwini Valley, with options of vehicle pick-ups at lodges and hotels in the Mbabane-Ezulwini-Manzini corridor.  These explorations of Swazi culture can be undertaken as either a half-day, full-day or overnight experience. There is even an option to undertake cultural tours by bicycle.

Our little corner of the Africa boasts having unique traditions, rituals and a variety of awe-inspiring dances- the most widely known being the sibhaca dance. This nation’s culture is still an integral part of society and you’ll find it’s people are ever eager to share it with you.

Swazi Trails offers you the chance to experience Swaziland as it was when our people were still roaming the lands in animal skins called emajobo and emahiya, which are the large, brightly-coloured pieces of fabric typically worn by both Swazi men and women. Our guided tours allow you to immerse yourself in the complex dynamic of the traditional and modern world of Swaziland, with its many juxtapositions and contrasts.

Our local tour guides have indepth knowledge of Swazi culture and it’s origins as they have been raised in the rural areas where culture practice is at its strongest.  To the visitor it will soon become apparent that Swazi people are very proud of their heritage and ever eager to share it with you. Bring a camera… and don’t be shy to use it!

Book Swaziland Cultural Tours online

Swazi Trails offers a variety of options for the cultural tourist to explore Swaziland. Browse through the options listed below for cultural tours, that have links to our online booking platform hosted on

Taste of Swaziland – a half day cultural tours which are customisable to suit specific interests and focuses on getting off the beaten track into the rural areas of Swaziland.

Taste of Swaziland – full-day cultural tour which is customisable to suit specific interests, and which is focused on providing unique “non-tourist” insights into life in Swaziland;’s rural areas.

Southern Highlights Tour – a half day tour, which covers the main attractions of the Malkerns and Ezulwini Valleys. This tour stops at the Swazi Cultural Village at Mantenga, where a guided tour of an authentically preserved traditional village can be undertaken. A 45min traditional Swazi dancing display is also included. A photo and videographic opportunity par excellence.

Northern Highlights Tour – a half day tour which tackle the art, craft, historical and cultural attractions north of Mbabane. The tour is very good for viewing scenic rural areas and our tour stops in a deep rural area for a guided walk to a site where preserved Bushman or San paintings can be seen.

Swaziland Highlights Tour – this full day tour is a combination of the Southern and Northern Highlights Tours.

Swazi Cultural Experience – this overnight tour to a rural homestead in the mountains of Swaziland is run by a community entrepreneur Myxo Mdluli and is bookable via Swazi Trails.

Mountain-biking Cultural Trail – cultural tours by bicycle depart from the Swazi Trails offices in Ezulwini. Explore both the bustling Lobamba Village as well as the Swazi Cultural Village at Mantenga. Half-day duration.

Finally – why not hire a step-on Swazi guide for the day to accompany you in your own car or tour vehicle for cultural tours that are self-driven. Get safely guided to off-the-beaten track locations that you would never find on your own, and enjoy detailed information on all the sights you may see during the day.

Guide hire half day – grab a guide for 4 hours of the day and learn more about Swaziland

Guide hire full day – have a friendly Swazi Trails guide at your disposal for the duration of the day and enjoy the comfortable of not needing to navigate or search Wikipedia!

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