Earth Hour Swaziland

• March 31, 2012

Earth Hour was celebrated in Swaziland Tonight we’ll be joining like-minded folk from all over the world in celebrating Earth Hour here in Swaziland!

Why? Because its something we believe in. This covers both our concern for the environment and our belief that people can make a positive impact. Earth Hour is a great opportunity to reflect on where we are and what we’re doing to make a difference.

As is our style here at Swazi Trails – ” fun with conscience” we’re organising a little get together… outdoors of course. For those that are keen to join us we’re meeting at Khazimula’s Pizza at Mantenga Craft & Lifestyle Centre.  We’ll kick off by fuelling ourselves  with a round of pizzas (they are undisputedly the best in Swaziland) by candle light.  Khazimula’s are joining the spirit by putting vegetarian pizzas on special for the evening.  A vegetarian diet carries a lower environmental impact, so we’ll place a positive tick next to that.

Then we’re going to grab some bicycles from our fleet of rental bikes and head off through the Ezulwini Valley to the Cuddle Puddle. It goes without saying that riding a bicycle is a whole lot better for the environment than driving a car, but we’ll take another environmental “tick” for that too. We’ll be using rechargeable batteries for our lamps to light the way. Whilst rechargeable batteries do require power to charge them, they’re a damn sight better than tossing away batteries into a toxic waste dump. The best would be if we had a solar panel to charge them…. mmm something to put on the Wish List.

Our evening will reach a highlight at the Cuddle Puddle – a thermal hot spring that is kept at a constant 42degreesC by Mother Earth herself. Plenty fun – we can’t wait!

We hope you’re inspired to do something different tonight too! Enjoy!


“Power is in the hands of those who hold hands!”

Darron Raw – Swazi Trails, Swaziland
31st March 2012

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