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August 26, 2014 Comments Off on Ebola in Swaziland – not! News

Ebola in Swaziland – not!


Is there Ebola in Swaziland? Simple answer – “no!”.

We are most fortunate to be very far from the area of the current epidemic. However, as Africa is often perceived to be one place by travellers who are unexposed to the vast nature of the African continent and because Ebola is fast becoming a major scare for travellers, we’d like to assist with dispersing accurate information.

The good folk at Tourism Update have prepared a very handy interactive map.Use this to put your travel plans in perspective. This can be accessed via the following link: Ebola – daily update.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with the victims and families of victims of this disease, as well as the brave medical fraternity, who are rallying to halt its advance.


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