Sibebe Rock, start of Expedition Africa 2015

Expedition Africa Swaziland – day 1

Canoeing in Swaziland during Expedition Africa 2015

Expedition Africa Canoeing Leg Images

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Expedition Africa Caving Leg

Caving in Swaziland during Expedition Africa 2015

ExpAfrica Swaziland caving372

Day 2 of Expedition Africa 2015 saw competitors in this 500km adventure race arriving at Swaziland’s Gobholo Caves. Believed to be possibly the largest granite cave system in the world, the Gobholo Caves remain 95% unexplored.

To avoid competitors getting lost in the labyrinth of underground passages, Swazi Trails prepared a special marked route with string. This does not mean the route was easy!

“We wanted to ensure that these top adventure athletes got to fully use their skills and abilities,” explained Swazi Trails Managing Director Darron Raw, ” so we sent them down our normal commercial caving section, then diverted them onto a new route that had only ever been done on 3 previous occasions, so they really got to explore. It involved some underground gymnastics and contortions that your average person would be severely tested by, and they handled it with ease.”

The fastest team was Merrell Adventure Addicts, the eventual race winners, who moved up from 4th to 3rd place during this leg. They took a speedy 40min to complete the approximately 800m of cave passages. The slowest team got full value from the section and spent over 2.5hours underground.

To see a full gallery of images from this caving section visit our Swazi Trails Flickr Gallery




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