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Caving in Swaziland during Expedition Africa 2015

Expedition Africa Caving Leg

June 7, 2015 Comments Off on Expedition Africa Swaziland – day 1 Event Management, News

Expedition Africa Swaziland – day 1

Sibebe Rock, start of Expedition Africa 2015

As part sponsors and local logistics suppliers for Expedition Africa 2015 we’re quite excited about this years event being in Swaziland. One of the key features if this year’s event was its dramatic start venue at Sibebe Rock.  Always kept a secret until just hours before the start, competitors for this year’s event were bussed to the start from the registration (and finish) venue at the Royal Swazi Spa Resort in Ezulwini. Swazi Trails was integrally involved with negotiating access for the start venue. The event started on a newly purchased property, owned by the company’s directors, and then crossed immediately onto the adjoining slopes of one of Swaziland’s scenic icons – Sibebe Rock.

Sibebe Rock is a 300m high granite dome, which is famed for its steep smooth face and gentle folds. Its trail network are controlled by the local community through a body known as the Sibebe Community Trust. Swazi Trails are in the the early stages of assisting the Sibebe Trails network to make its operations more sustainable. Entry fees for the “protected area” were kindly sponsored by one of Swazi Trails suppliers Netstar Swaziland who provide vehicle tracking for our fleet. This being one of the first small steps to getting the Sibebe Trails operations back to positive cash flows, we are also hoping that the exposure of being the start event for an international event of this stature, will ensure better market visibility for its tourism operations.

The race kicked off just after 07h00 and headed vertically up the rock for 20 minutes of calf-burning effort.  To watch the event via live tracking go to: LIVE TRACKING



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