Mtb Experience:
The Experience is the best of Swazi riding for the casual rider on holiday, distances are kept small and the terrain is generally kind on the legs, rides will include cultural and wildlife encounters and of course awesome scenery. Our short mtb experiences are done in areas of specific beauty and interest to visiting cyclists.

The Idea: Is to introduce people to how amazing Swaziland is for cycling on a cultural and scenic level, perfect for everyone orientating themselves to riding in Swaziland.

LOCATION: Central Swaziland

Accommodation and catering to suit budget

DAYS: 1-2

Rides: Mlilwane, Ezulwini Meander, Hawane/Ngwenya area, Ez to Malkerns, Usuthu Forest trail.



Mtb Adventure:
For those with a zest for wild mountain biking we have some great ride experiences. You don’t have to be an expert trail rider to enjoy Swaziland’s amazing Scenery and cycling, and we will endeavour to follow a downhill trend to make the ride pleasurable on the legs. All our mtb adventures can be tailored to our clients and will endeavour.

The idea: we want to give people a great riding experience without it being too difficult, starting on the high side and heading east is perfect for this, making sure there is a fair amount of single track without making it very technical

LOCATION: Central Swaziland
Accommodation and catering to suit budget

DAYS: 1- 4

Rides: Imvelo route in Mlilwane, Mhlambanyatsi 35km, Usuthu forest to Malkerns, Simunye/Mlawula/Mhlambanyatsi



Mtb Untamed
For the experienced ambitious rider we have some epic rides which will test your skill and durability to the core, Swaziland has some insane terrain which will see you ascending and descending vast mountain ranges, always with the lure of epic single tracks downhill.

The Untamed adventure will take you onto unknown trails in seldom peddled areas so the terrain we encounter is ungroomed offering exhilarating technical challenges on the route, unfortunately there may be some bike hiking, unless your Max knox of course;)
Swazi trails will give you the ride of a lifetime which won’t be forgotten quickly with great accommodation to match the riding

The idea: Serious riders out there want to suffer, and these trails will do just that, no holds barred taking to the mountains for long multiple days of riding, these are supported rides with accommodation and catering to make logistics easier.

LOCATION: North West Region

DAYS: 3-6 days of riding

Accommodation and catering to suit budget

Rides: Sibebe Circa, Malolotja to Ez, ‘Swazi Trail’, Lundze to Malkerns, Ngwenya to Nkonyeni



Mtb Explorer
Our guides love to ride, and the best is to just pick a direction and go for it! So join us on an exploratory adventure across Swaziland, checking out new routes and swooping down unknown single tracks, our beautiful country is perfect for Exploring bikes and we would encourage anyone to throw caution and time schedules overboard and come for an explore with us!

The Idea: Experienced riders don’t need a game plan, just a great ride, and returning clients or acquaintances are very keen to just go out and explore, knowing there is a water point and way home at the end, this will be pure mtb trips where the end destination is found rather than expected, Trans Swazi rides fit this category.

Accommodation and catering to suit budget

DAYS: 4-7 days | Supported and guided daily

Rides: start @ Bulembu, Lundze, Mankayane, Finish @ Lubombo’s, Simunye, Nkonyeni, Nisela,


Swazi Trails Mtb Logistics:
We have the capacity to run cycling events, Tours, Corporate cycling functions and support customised cycling trips throughout Swaziland and surrounding countries.