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April 3, 2014 Comments Off on On top of ‘The Execution Rock’ News

On top of ‘The Execution Rock’

At eight o’clock we took our bicycles from Swazi Trails in Ezulwini. Together with Phil, my friend and colleague, we started our adventure towards the summit of the well-known ‘Execution Rock’. After a nice 6 kilometres ride through the small communities we entered the gate of the Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary. After paying a small amount of money we cycled to the reception of the rest camp in order to fill in our contact details. This is to make sure they know you are out there in case something happens.


From here our adventure really started. On our way to the mountain we saw lots of zebra’s, impala’s and crocodiles passing by. After about 2 kilometres the dirt road became steeper and steeper. We continued for a while until we were totally exhausted. We dropped our bicycles and decided to hike to the summit. We got out of the forest and enjoyed the view of the backside of the Execution Rock. With the sun high up in the sky we could finally see the summit. After a nice lunch break we continued hiking towards the point that is known for throwing off prisoners back in the days.


Finally we reached the summit of ‘The Execution Rock’. From this point you have the most amazing view of the Ezulwini Valley you can ever imagine. With its peak at 1110m, The Execution Rock is where ancient Bushmen once lived and where Swazi Royal graves are situated giving historical significance. Ancient stories are often told how this magnificent peak acquired its name. Swazis suspected of witchcraft or criminals were forced to walk off the edge at spear-point for their crimes (TheKingdomofSwaziland, 2014). Looking across the valley from this point gives you a magical feeling to never forget.


On our way down we had to stop for a couple of big baboons crossing the road right in front of us. After this thrilling moment we continued our way to the rest camp to sign ourselves in again. At two o’clock we were back at the Swazi Trails office, being totally exhausted. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this day because it has been a challenge and a great adventure. I will recommend this adventure to everyone advanced rider or really fit people. It has not been an easy journey but the view on top of the rock completely compensates the hard work.

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