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June 10, 2014 Comments Off on Shewula Trust among Equator Prize winners News

Shewula Trust among Equator Prize winners

Shewula Mountain Camp

Swazi Trails has had a long relationship with the Shewula Trust and Shewula Mountain Camp and we are proud to see that they are one of ten winners of the Equator Prize 2014. This prize, which is coordinated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), pertains to successes in Sustainable Land Management in Sub-­Saharan Africa.

Shewula Mountain Camp is situated in north-east Swaziland, up on top of the Lubombo Plateau. The camp is one of a number of initiatives undertaken within the community by the Shewula Trust – a voluntary body of community members who oversee various projects that have sprung up alongside the initial community tourism project.

According to the UNDP, the level of competition was extremely high and the depth of nominations received was truly impressive. Therefore, the fact that the Shewula nomination stood out from the 1234 entries that were received, is a remarkable demonstration of the work they have done in finding local development solutions for people and nature.

 The Shewula Trust will receive a $5,000 USD award and a Certificate of Achievement which will be presented at the Equator Prize for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-­Saharan Africa Award Ceremony.  This takes place on the 17th June in Nairobi Kenya.    

The process doesn’t stop there however, as Shewula’s nomination also stands a chance to be sent to the Equator Prize Jury, a group of distinguished persons, who have the challenging task of identifying which of the winners will receive the “special recognition” prizes and travel to the Equator Prize 2014 Award Ceremony in New York City later this year. We are holding thumbs for them.  

Swazi Trails hosts an online booking platform for visitors wishing to overnight at Shewula Mountain Camp and has been instrumental in directing many tour itineraries and volunteer tourism initiatives to include this community-owned facility in their plans.

Comments Swazi Trails Director, Darron Raw: ” I remember meeting the Shewula Trust in 1999, on a cold day up in the Lubombo Mountains, where we all sat around on upturned paint drums and stumps of wood to discuss the building of a community tourism camp. I was struck by the commitment that the community elders demonstrated, walking great distances to attend the session and to deliberate on what would suit the community best. It doesn’t surprise me that they have now been recognised, and that honour I am sure is shared by all that have served before them, and especially those that have passed on in the inter-leading years.”

Swazi Trails recommends Shewula as a great place in Swaziland for:

  • enjoying a real Swazi cultural experience
  • access to walking and hiking into the neighbouring Lubombo Conservancy
  • hosting of small workshop or conference
  • a being venue for corporate team-building
  • being a base for voluntary projects in the surrounding community.

Like any business, Shewula Mountain Camp needs “bums in beds” to pay its bills. If you’d like to book to stay at Shewula you can do so here: Shewula Online Reservations.

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