Swaziland Earth tremor

• May 27, 2012

earth quake in SwazilandSwaziland experienced an earth tremor this evening the 27th May 2012 – at approximately 20h58. It was a light tremor by most accounts, but still caused a fair amount of twittering and Facebook comments. Why? Well probably because such occurrences are few and far between in our neck of the woods.  Swaziland happily sits in one of the more stable areas of the globe and seismic activity is a very rare event.

Tonight’s rumble from mother earth was reported on from Lavumisa in the south, Siteki in the east, Nhlangano in the west, Manzini dead centre and probably most excitedly from Mbabane, the Swazi capital. However it wasn’t limited to Swaziland, as friends in Waterval Boven and Barberton in South Africa also made mention of it.

Many folk were quick to call it the Bushfire Earthquake, which is not surprising as we’ve just come to the end of a weekend of earth-moving good vibe at the annual MTN Bushfire International Festival of the Arts.

The folks in neighbouring Piet Retief may still lay claim to it as theirs though, ‘cos it seems they got enough of a shake to trip the lights out. But that’s probably to be expected in a 3rd-world country like South Africa. Here in Swaziland our electricity grid stood firm – good one SEC!

Keep rockin’ good people – its been a great weekend – from the shrieks and shouts to Mango Groove’s penny-whistle on Friday night, to tonight’s deep-deep rumbling drum roll.

Postscript: This minor earthquake measured four on the Richter scale, according to Ian Saunders of the Council for Geoscience.

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  1. kyle jones says:

    It also hit piet retief , badplaas , paulpietersburg and vryheid in south africa

  2. yvette says:

    It was the scariest thing, our house is made of asbestos so everthing shook like crazy, all my kids came running down the passage mommy what was that, i was not sure, it lasted for about 1 and a half minutes, wow, paulpietersburg