Swaziland = real African culture

• October 26, 2010

Elderly woman in traditional dress perform a cultural dance in SwazilandSwazi people take a great pride in their culture and traditional heritage.

To get an indepth appreciation of this, Swazi Trails, have a unique guided tour known as the Taste of Swaziland tour. This locally-guided tour is unique for the simple reason that no two outings are ever alike. That’s what “unique” means doesn’t?

Guides who lead these tours are encouraged by the company to treat each day on tour differently. There is no set route or itinerary and it is up to the guide to piece together his own plan for the day based on what he knows is happening, or based on what you, the traveller, are most interested in seeing and experiencing.

This tour can be booked as a half or full-day excursion.

Click here to book a half day tour

Click here to book a full day tour.

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