Swaziland is situated in Southern Africa, tucked into the armpit of South Africa’s Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal provinces and adjacent to the long arm of Mozambique.

Its a small country really – only about 180km long, by 120km wide. Our Managing Director got tired of the office one day and headed off to cycle and walk around the entire border – it took him less than two weeks (and he got back with a much clearer head and dramatically improved attitude). You can read about this circum-navigation of Swaziland right here.

Swaziland is easily accessible by road from Johannesburg (4 hours), Durban (4 hours), Mbombela/Nelspruit (2 hours) and Maputo (1 hour). Times given here are to the border. Within the Kingdom there is no-where that can’t be reached within about 2 hours drive, no matter how remote it is.

By air, Swaziland can be reached via flights from Johannesburg. These are the people to book flights with – Airlink Swaziland. Its a short 40 minute flight.