In short, we have a mild climate here in Swaziland – so don’t stress to much about the weather unless you’re a snowman or a dedicated nudist.

Ok – more seriously: we have a warm to hot Southern Hemisphere summer (Nov-Feb) and a cooler winter (June-Aug). Our rain falls in summer, but this isn’t monsoon style rain which last for days… it’s the welcome thundershower type that brings relief at the end of a hot day. Swaziland is also quite varied in temperature and rainfall from the cooler, wetter mountainous areas around Mbabane and Piggs Peak to the warmer and drier lowveld around Big Bend and Simunye.

If you’re really paranoid about atmospheric conditions check out these nifty graphs below for a graphic depiction of Swaziland’s average monthy temperatures and rainfall profiles. Skip to the bottom if you’re feet and fahrenheit inclined.

Mbabane, Swaziland Climate graph contributed by

Mbabane, Swaziland Climate graph contributed by

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  1. […] Swaziland is a farely safe country, there are some rather nasty snakes around, but we have not seen a single one. There is at most a low risk for malaria in the area around Mbabane and Gobholo Cave, but taking malaria prophylaxis may be a good idea if you plan to travel. We will be there during African summer, so don’t forget sun protection and mosquito repellent. Some information on the weather can be found here. […]