Umhlanga Ceremony


The reed dance is one of the most striking celebrations of the country because over 100 000 maidens come colourfully dressed in their traditional attire to cut the reeds and present them to Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Mother. With the ever growing number in maiden attendance, the country is expecting 150 000 maidens to partake in the country’s cultural pride!


The 8 day event is very sacred and spectators or picture taking is prohibited from the 1st to the 6th day of the event. Only on the 7th and 8th day of the ceremony are visitors allowed with their cameras. Being part of the reed dance is always an exhilarating experience and we suggest that you get your own attire and join in the most vibrant cultural event!

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Useful fun stuff to know

Cultural attires (unisex):

  • Lihiya
  • Sidvwashi
  • Ligcebesha
  • Emafahlawane (women)
  • Tiphandla (men)


Useful items to bring:

  • Water
  • Camera (at your own risk)
  • Money (preferably in ZAR 200 in change)
  • Sense of culture

 How to get there:

Date: 27 August 2017, Main day: 4 September 2017